What are the points to look for in a customized lcd lcd screen?

In recent years, as the technology of mobile display terminal improves faster and faster, the shipment of smart display terminal equipment such as smart phones, smart watches, smart home appliances, communication devices, translators, smart access control, sports DV, car recorder, digital electronics, learning machines, and industrial fields are increasing year by year.

Due to the rapid development of intelligent display terminals, its products also have high precision and high value-added, and therefore are highly valued by the entire display industry chain. More and more products are moving towards intelligence and customization, and all of them need to beLCD liquid crystal screenAs a display terminal, so the technical requirements for LCD screen manufacturers are increasingly high. We are here today to understand the customized LCD LCD screen need to look at which points?

First, the external dimensions are not the same
Think this is the most common, their own design out of the product, found that the market can not match the LCD LCD screen, in fact, this situation is the most common, but also the most troublesome, because if the pre-order volume is not large, customized LCD panel size is virtually impossible, so the industry terminal designers try to refer to the general size specifications of the LCD screen on the market, the shape of the dimensions do not The same can be customized touch screen, also known as TP, customize a set of TP price ranging from 5000-10000 yuan, of course, need to look at the parameters of the specifications to determine the final price of customization.

Second, the PIN definition is not the same
PIN definition is not the same means that the LCD screen PIN foot and your motherboard connected to the LCD screen PIN definition is not the same, in this case is not able to light up the LCD screen, so the general LCD screen custom FPC can be customized, and customized LCD screen FPC price is also relatively cheap, generally three or five thousand can be, and even some manufacturers directly hit the handmade samples can be not charged! LCD screen customization fee.

There is also brightness, IC compatibility inconsistencies can be customized lcd LCD, but I suggest that if you can choose standard products in the selection can try to choose standard products, or the same series of products can be unified with the same LCD LCD, on the one hand, you can save costs, on the other hand, the reliability of the standard product is more stable, because it is, after all, experienced a mass production cycle. I wonder if the article has helped you?

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